Federal Inspections

Federal Inspections are an important aspect to any business.  Any vehicle that is used for commercial purposes requires an annual federal inspection.  At Community Garage, we are proud of our abilities to spot problems that may leave you stranded on the side of the road or with a costly fine.  All DOT roadside inspections are recorded and stored in a database which effects the way your company does business.


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CSA and how it effects you

What is CSA

CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, and Accountability.  This program is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration initiative to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities caused by commercial carriers.   (CSA) is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) initiative to improve large truck and bus safety and ultimately reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities that are related to commercial motor vehicles. It introduces a new enforcement and compliance model that allows FMCSA and its State Partners to contact a larger number of carriers earlier in order to address safety problems before crashes occur. Rolled out in December 2010, the program establishes a new nationwide system for making the roads safer for motor carriers and the public alike!

How it Effects you

The CSA is a program that monitors and tracks violations of motor carriers throughout the country.  With each inspection, a grade is issued to the company on various aspects of both the driver and the overall operation of the truck.  Each grade is recorded and stored.  After numerous violations, corrective action will be issued to the company or a cease to operate will be issued. 

For more information on CSA, visit http://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/

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